About Us

It would be important for you to know who I am and why should you even listen to me.

Well, I am B Tech (NITK) and MBA (Schulich Canada), and have above 23 years of corporate experience in blue-chip organizations in India and abroad. I have always thought of having the freedom to work for myself, and enjoy the independence of being on my own. Of late, I became a trainer as well teaching project management, and service management to corporate employees.

How I became a Trainer and a Coach?

I have been in corporate life for over two decades, with the reputed MNC’s having a busy lifestyle. That life gave me all that I needed – sufficient cash to pay my bills, certain level of job satisfaction and most importantly, overall a sense of being busy. However, it did not make me feel happy or fulfilled. I was completely stressed, always low on energy and developed a set of health issues like spondylitis and low blood pressure. It kept intriguing me how some people rise so well in career or life in general, whereas some are always struggling.

As I was in the process of knowing myself better, I could identify after a while what could make me happy and kicking. I decided to become a life coach and a writer. I wrote my first book called ‘I Wonder..”. I completed the requisite professional training and plunged into helping people achieve their career goals and help them live better. I primarily decided to focus on career related issues, as I found that area to be most bothering for me as well, for a long period of time. I found that many people, rather most, end up doing jobs or pursuits in life which they really do not want to do, but somehow continue to make both ends meet. They never get to know what is their natural area of interest, what is that they are created for, what kind of person they are, what gives them most kick in life? And once you know, how can you align your current responsibilities with your passion, as this can really improve your performance many times.