About Us

We believe that all human beings are basically unique; however we look similar at times. Organizations have unique requirements depending on their business challenges, nature of business and positioning in the growth curve. We make every effort to understand your uniqueness in business and position the right training program for you. We work with absolute ethics, integrity and professionalism in providing our services.

Our Benifits

  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Pool of Experienced Trainers with Real World Experience
  • Committed Team for delivering Services
  • Assessment & Feedback
  • Quick Response Time

Who We Are ?.

Globalnet Consulting Services (GCS) provides a number of professional courses and programs for growing needs of corporate professionals and fresh students from professional colleges. The institute is committed to bring differences in the field of training and consulting in chosen niche areas, by offering flexible and practical education and training.

What We Do ?

We provide Training Services to the following customer profiles:

  • Corporate - We will work with you to understand your ongoing training requirements and work out an effective plan to meet the requirements.
  • Individuals - We provide regular trainings in multiple subject areas to individuals arranged publically in groups. Feel free to contact us on your current or future training requirements or even counseling.
  • Education Institutions - We also cater to the training and up-skilling needs of students from Engineering, Business and other education backgrounds and help them place in the industry.

Values and Mission

We deliver the right quality of Training and Consulting services to our customers and ensure value for their money. At every stage, we deal with our customer professionally with utmost level of ethics and integrity.