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I have published a book on the title subject. The focus in on how we can use our inner intuition to expand our awareness and achieve a fulfilling experience of life. Here is a preview of the book.

I Wonder -

How NOT to Lose Peace and Happiness & Experience Being Wealthy and Fulfilled

Introduction: This book is an outcome of variety of exposures that the author had in his own life and that of others, in last over four decades. Human life is typically very simple and full of joy and abundance, provided we are aware of that we are creating our lives every moment. However, given the way we have evolved to live in today's world, being simple becomes the most difficult to practice.

When we cross our teenage and enter in to our twenties, or for that matter even when we are in thirties or forties, we need to take important decisions on our future life – what vocation to choose, what kind of work, whether to take up a job or become an entrepreneur, whether to join the family business or think of something that you are passionate about, and even more important, choosing the right life partner, whether to go for someone your heart yearns for or listen to suggestions from friends and family members. All these decisions are life-transforming and are likely to impact us for the rest of our lives.

When we hit these situations, we can take opinions from others like our close friends, family members and other relations. Needless to mention that the persons suggesting might be as close as our parents or our sibling, relations or friends. They may be all genuine, and wish to see you happy in life, and suggest you with utmost sincerity and honesty, but the question is how much you can rely on others advice for critical questions about your life. Everyone is confined to one’s own perception of life and its experiences. Each one of us undergoes a different series of events and situations in life which shapes our opinions and value systems, and of course, all these loaded with our internal desires, ambitions, likes and preferences. After all, who understands you the best as an individual other than yourself. This brings us to the most important point, how much we understand ourselves - what are our likes or dislikes, what is our passion, what makes us come alive and what makes us become a dead living creature and so on.

Some of the excerpts from the book are given below:

"He always said that the easiest way to become rich is to find out what is your passion and convert that into business while enjoying every bit of it. Grow your business to realize all your wealth goals....."

As the story illustrates, how you can realize your goals of earning money and create a life of comfort and joy by recognizing your passions and values.


"Alex understood how important it is to ‘flow with the flow’. When life is giving you so generously, why to stop the flow? He should have listened to himself.."

The story 'Flow With The Flow' says - do not interrupt when nature is giving you freely, learn to recognize the right moments for a fulfilling life.

You can buy a copy of the book at the below link:

If you are looking at this page keenly, the chances are that you have not heard of ‘law of attraction’. It is simply a concept which was always there, however it shot into prominence with the movie ‘The Secret’. The law states that all that you have in your life, the kind of wealth, health or relationships – are there as you have attracted them in your life. If you are not happy and want any of these areas to be better than what you have, look at how you are creating them, you may not be aware of. You might feel surprised to hear that we create our life, yes, every bit of it, although we are not aware of most of it. This could be the single most powerful statement you have heard of. You might get astonished, and more so if your life stinks, wondering how the heck I am creating my life. YES, you better believe it, if you are seriously interested to transform your life and live a life of your dreams. How? I will explain in a moment.

Every single person has the capability to create his or her life. It may not be in all our awareness that we are always creating the life experiences. Some of the things you might have created is as per your liking, while a few things in your life you want to change for better. The good news is that you can live a life of your dreams – a vibrant health, a career that is fulfilling and that pays you well, attract relationships that you enjoy and thrive every single moment.

An ever-present universal law, the main principle of the Law of Attraction is as simple as this; thoughts equal things. At this very moment in time, the Law of Attraction has been working for you. Regardless of who you are, your beliefs, your age or culture; the Law of Attraction will have been working in accordance with your thoughts and projected energies to attract into your life whatever your subconscious is bringing attention to.

If you ever found yourself describing something as having just ‘fallen into place’, a ‘coincidence’ or as being ‘out-of-the-blue’ or even ‘miraculous’, you are in the majority. You’ll find that these were all evidence of the Law of Attraction in your life. We have all experienced those moments when, suddenly, everything just seems to fall into place. Or maybe you’ve had the experience of finding yourself in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time – and you’re left scratching your head at the absolute ‘chance’ of it.

Simply put, whether you are knowingly or unknowingly doing so, whatever you are giving your attention to, positive or negative, the universe is reflecting it back into your life two-fold. Just by looking at your life right now, you could probably hazard a guess at whether your thoughts are predominantly positive or negative ones. The proof is all around you!