UP Your Career !!


Do you want to take your career to ‘NEXT LEVEL’?


Do you want to learn to be a Leader and make lot more money?


Are you really interested to find out how you can grow fast in your career?


We work for helping you achieve your career goals in life, it could achieving next level, or switching organizations, or overcoming your current challenges. We help you know yourself better as an individual and find your natural passion or areas of interest. This in turn helps you tune your career to maximize your performance and achieve your career aspirations faster. We work with our clients on well proven strategies to achieve their life and career objectives and suggest practical ways to overcome their seemingly difficult challenges.

A free unbiased discussion with a coach often helps people open up different areas of life which were seeming to be unconnected earlier, however a blockage in one area, say relationship, can drain your productive energy and make you suffer in other areas of life as well, such as health or career. We have coaching tools available which will open you up and help you realize how you have been sabotaging your own prospects.

How Can I Help You?

I can help you, more specifically,

  • If you at cross-roads to your career and feeling stuck and not moving forward
  • I can help you identify your natural interest and how you can align your career with that
  • If you are facing any career issues because of some relationship problems or health challenges
  • If you want to overcome some emotional challenges affecting you persistently

If you want to change your life in one or more ways, you can contact me for a free session and figure out how the coaching can be of help to you and bring substantial changes to your life. You can certainly grow in your career much faster and achieve your career goals.

Why Coaching works?

The coaching is useful and you cannot resolve your situations on your own. Our thought patterns are responsible for creating your current situation in life, although we are not aware of it, and over time we start seeing our situation as being created by outside circumstances. We do not take accountability for our life situations and look for solutions outside us, which obvious will never work. Also, same thought patterns which has created a problem situation cannot resolve this, it needs to be looked at differently with new possibilities to create newly desired results. This could be possibly be done only with the help of a coach. So, the coach helps you take responsibility for your life and the coach becomes your ‘go-to’ person to whom you decide to be accountable to. This is very powerful and gets you results invariably. Coaching services are used by best known CEO’s and top performers in business, sports and fashion industry.

Here are some quotes on coaching:

“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”

― John Wooden

"I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their full potential." – Bob Nardelli, CEO, Home Depot

How much you invest?

Your life is invaluable and worth the gold, and your career or vocation plays a vital role in this. We sincerely hope that you realize your dreams. However, the way how human beings are designed we are not able to live in the best possible way we can, due to our ignorance and limited understanding of life. This results in frustrations and sufferings, which over a period of time become ingrained in the individual and he or she stops to get rid of them and accepts them as part of life, without being aware of that he or she only created them. Our objective is to help you steer through the obstacles and experience growth and happiness. I ensure you are completely satisfied or I do not charge a dime. You could be assured on the benefits from each and every session of the coaching.

Once you decide to take this program, you can take two free sessions and experience the progress. You can continue if you find useful. Call me for a FREE session.

The FREE coaching sessions will help you:

  • Arrive at your goals clearly and an actionable plan to achieve the same
  • Going deeper within you and finding your true passion
  • Help you uncover your hidden emotional blocks which could be stopping you
  • Removing limiting beliefs about yourself which are keeping you stuck
  • Show up any hidden physical or health problems

Do you really need a Coach?

We all have heard and seen coaches in fitness industry. People who hire them speak unequivocally that they have achieve the feat only with the help of their coaches, else it would not have been possible.

Even, Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt believe that we all need a coach, to do our best in our lives. Eric Schmidt says “The one thing people are never good at is see themselves as others see them. A coach really helps.”