Globalnet Consulting services


We provide a number of professional courses and programs for growing needs of corporate professional and fresh students from professional colleges. We are committed to bring high value in the field of Corporate Training for the organizations across industry groups. We can also be engaged for consulting work in areas like Project Management, PMO and Operations.

We believe that human beings are unique and have immense potential which can be tapped to produce quality outcomes. Organizations have unique requirements depending on their business challenges, nature of business and positioning in the growth curve. We make every effort to understand your uniqueness in business and position the right training program for you. We work with absolute ethics, integrity and professionalism in providing our services.

Training Domain

We provide Training Services to the following areas:

Soft Skills Courses / Workshops:

  • Emotional Intelligence @ Workplace
  • Effective Communication Skills (Fresher / Students)
  • Communications at Work Place (Working Professionals)

Our Chief Faculty (Ashok Goyal) is a senior professional from IT industry. He has above 20 yrs experience in corporate sector in India and abroad, including PwC, HCL, Wipro and Dell. He is B Tech and MBA (Canada), with certifications in CISA, PMP and ITIL; and has delivered many training programs with high level of satisfaction from participants.

Our other trainers are equally experienced in the industry and highly proficient in the training.

Some of the organizations where we have delivered the training programs are given as below:

• BNP Paribas
• Radisys
• Indian Air Force
• Herbalife
• XL Healthcare
• Dell International Services
• Torry Harris Business Solutions
• Oracle
• Simplilearn
• Innate Management Consulting
• Accenture
• RCS Technologies
• Citigroup
• Ernst & Young
• Mercury Solutions
• Infocareer
• Adept Technologies
• Unicom
• Spectrum Technologies
• New Horizons
• Boost Your Skills
• Mercury Solutions
• Tai Infotech
• VAK Services
• RPS Consulting
• Knowledgehut


Rana Laxman from IIHT, Bangalore (Customer - ABB)

We are very happy with PMP program delivered to managers and senior managers of ABB by Mr. Ashok Goyal from Globalnet Consulting. The participants experienced good involvement in the program and happy with unique style of delivery. We wish to utilize your services for future programs. Thanks you, keep this up.

Jyoti Chandolia of Mercury Solutions, New Delhi (Customer - Indian Air Force)

Mr. Goyal from Globalnet conducted a successful program on CISA certification to senior participants of Indian Air Force. Here are some of the observations and recommendations:
• Effective in a variety of formal and informal presentation settings: both in small and large groups
• Efficient in giving interesting and well-received formal and informal presentations to large groups of students, exceptional and appealing in narration.

Karthik Varna of RPS Consulting, Bangalore (Customer - Accenture)

Ashok has been a good trainer with RPS Consulting. The trainings have been delivered very responsibly, the participants were satisfied with the training, we look forward for more assignments working together with Ashok.

TAI INFOTECH (Customer: Accenture)

A good friend with very gentle attitude. Ashok is a very highly dedicated and target oriented person with excellent domain knowledge. We really appreciate his willingness in learning new things and sharing this vast knowledge of Project Management methodologies. His project management skills are highly respected. Apart from good technical, analytic and communication skills, other aspects that stood out about Ashok, are his commitment, positive energy, taking charge attitude and a good coach / mentor. We sure that Ashok will do well with whatever responsibilities he is vested with.

Jyothsna, Trainer Engagement Specialist at KnowledgeHut (EMEA,INDIA) (Customer: Ernst & Young)

Ashok has been good trainer, he delivered the training program well, with good feedback from the participants, we look forward for more trainings from him.

Anju Pillai, Training Coordinator at Confidential

Ashok delivered ITIL training with Excellent feedback. Rating 4.75 out of 5 for the training. Looking forward to work with him..